Axiotherm PCM

The Axiotherm Phase Change Materials are designed to absorb and release large quantities of thermal energy at constant temperatures. Over 30 organic (ATP) and inorganic (ATS) high-performance PCM in a temperature range between -40 °C to 120 °C. Upon request further melting temperatures can be developed for specific applications!

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HeatSels® Energy Storage Solutions for water-based applications

Specifically developed for water-based applications, HeatSel® is a high performance macro encapsulation based on customized and blow molded synthetic material.

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HeatStaxx® Energy storage solutions for mobile applications

HeatStaxx® is a high performance macro encapsulation realized with custom-made blow molded synthetic material and specifically developed for mobile heat storage systems.

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HeatStaxx® Air

HeatStaxx® Air Energy storage solutions for air-based applications

Die HeatStaxx Air ist eine hochleistungsfähige Makroverkapselung speziell für Luftanwendungen, die aus hierfür entwickelten Kunststoffen blasgeformt ist.

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HeatStixx® Energy storage solutions for water-based applications: HeatStixx® Retrofit System

Realized in partnership with klara energy systems GmbH, HeatStixx® provide the chance to upgrade existing storage systems.

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